Step-by-Step (cont'd)
Step 5: Adding the pictures

Being basically sort of cheap, I sketched a picture of the butterfly on the same printout I had marked up to correct my outline shapes, using a pencil, a Pigma "micron" fine-tipped pen, and a black Marvy LePlume brush pen to fill in the black. The butterfly is based on a photograph from an old National Geographic - I told my wife I had been saving those magazines in the basement for something!

Here's what the butterfly looked like at this stage:

I then scanned the butterfly sketch into the computer, erased the extraneous lines from the letters, and converted the butterfly to a vector drawing, using the same procedure I used to convert the letters, except that this time I used the Autotrace tool (figuring no one would know whether the butterfly had exactly the shape I intended or not).
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